New RE/MAX Offices

The RE/MAX philosophy says: the success of the individual helps drive the success of all others. In offering both Broker/Owners and Sales Associates the independence and the support to grow professionally and perform at the highest levels, RE/MAX has become the unrivalled leader and is the industry’s best franchise buy. Moreover, as we continue to grow, each year we attract more qualified people to our network. 

In figures: The last decade has seen RE/MAX, LLC. doubling the number of offices and even tripling the number of Sales Associates, totalling nearly a 90,000 in 6,000 offices in 90 Countries in the world. And the European numbers are even more impressive. It only took a period of 10 years to increase the number of European offices to more than 1,600 offices today! And it gets even better: 12,000 Sales Associates are working across Europe, in 1,500 offices and in Italy we have 200 offices and nearly 1,500 Affiliates.

Following this link you can find the latest office openings in Italy.